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Running again

5 October 2007

So I started running again.  Well, more accurately, I started working out.  Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I run for 50 minutes in the morning.  Tuesday and Thursday I run for 15 minutes and then weight-lift for 30 minutes.  I decided to start weight-lifting too because I’ve noticed that my posture isn’t so great, and that my upper-back gets tired and sore rather easily, so I’ve started doing standing rows and other back-strengthening lifts on Tuesdays and Thursdays to try to help with that.  Honestly, it also makes my runs on MWF much more enjoyable.  I find that as I learn my limits I’m not dragging and hating the last half of my run any more.  I still get a decent workout (I ran 3.66 miles and burned 517 calories today, and on Wednesday I ran 3.9 miles and burned 560 calories, for example).  My heart-rate stays closer to where I want it to be (averaged 160bpm today), and I don’t feel dead when I’m done running.  It’s nice to have a day between long runs to give my legs time to rest a bit, because that is something else that makes my runs more manageable.

Still only running on treadmills.  The first couple of days I ran I experienced some worrisome meniscus pain in my left knee, but that’s less and less noticeable with every run.  Running on the road or on tracks is still too hard on my knees though.  Maybe once I’m down under 200 lbs I’ll try for some outdoor running.  That should also give me time to acclimate to the breathing involved, and hopefully I won’t feel like my throat and nose are so raw after running, like I do when I try to run outside right now.

I did notice something kind of funny when I was running though.  The skin on the bottom of my smallest two toes on my right foot and back a little bit on the outside of the bottom of my foot goes numb while I run.  The more I run, the later in the run they go numb, so that’s good, but it peaked my curiosity.  Turns out that’s precisely the boundaries of the cutaneous field for the lateral plantar nerve, so I started trying to figure out where that nerve is getting pinched, and the only place to pinch only that nerve is as it passes deep to the flexor digitorum brevis muscle and superficial to the quadratus plantae muscle, which means that at least one of those muscles seems to be getting a little inflamed while I run.  The other possibility is that my foot’s arch is more shallow than my right shoe’s arch, and it’s the shoe that’s doing the pinching.  I’m not sure which yet, but I am glad that it seems to be going away as I run more.

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