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iPod remote?

23 October 2007

So, I really love my iPod.  It’s nice to have my whole music library with me, ready to be listened to whenever I want.  I sync my iPod with my desktop machine at home, because that seems to be the most convenient place to leave my music, and because I don’t want to have to haul my laptop out every time I want to sync.  But sometimes I’d like to be able to connect my iPod to my laptop via the dock cable and play the music from the iPod (not transfer it back to the laptop) through the laptop’s built-in speakers, be able to control it via a software remote, etc.

The hardware is not prohibitive in this, as far as I can tell, because you can connect your iPod to a small set of speakers, alarm clock, or any other number of gadgets and control it from the docking unit there, I just can’t seem to find any Windows software that will do what I want.  iTunes can show me what music is on my iPod, but it won’t play that music from the iPod as far as I can tell, and if I open up iTunes on my laptop while the iPod is connected, it wants to delete my music from the iPod because that isn’t the machine I sync the iPod with (another irritation of mine, actually).

It would be really nice if a program existed that was a software “remote” of sorts for my iPod, though, that would let me turn my computer into a remote-control and host speaker system for the iPod.  That would be really, really nice.


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