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Sick grumble grumble sick

28 October 2007

Woke up this morning with a pounding headache, head so full of snot it feels like my eyes are swimming in it, and a voice that sounds like the scary old guy from a b-grade swords-and-sorcerers flick. The cold I’ve been fighting off for the last couple of days has apparently finally decided to get serious and give me a beat-down. Being sick is no fun. On the other hand, I’m considering recording myself reading some corny, scary book out loud just because I think my voice sounds so funny right now.

Now if my head would stop threatening to turn itself inside out through my ears I might be able to enjoy this a little bit. Might.

Oh, and I’m not running any more. This last time I started running, after the first two weeks of doing so, the meniscus pain in my left knee got too bad. It hurt just to get in and out of cars, or to go up stairs. Looks like its time for me to find another aerobic exercise that I can feel productive doing, because the impact on my knees is just too much.


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