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Condor dung

14 December 2007

So, today we’re at the San Diego Wild Animal Park.  This is a pretty cool place, it’s like a zoo with huge animal pens.  We spent all day walking around looking at different animals and got to see a number of cool animals.  We saw Cheetahs, White Rhinos, Hippos, Lions, Tigers, Buzzards, Macaws, Andean Condors, Okapi, Giant Elands, Dik-Diks, Duikers, Meerkats, Hawks, Harpy Eagles, Eagle Owls, Bald Eagles, and we finished off the day by visiting the California Condors.  These animals have a really cool history, and were a fun way to end the day.

Messy likes to take pictures, lots of pictures, so I understand wanting pictures, especially of an animal that was almost extinct 20 years ago.  So, anyhow, we got there and there was this woman standing there with her camera in one hand, talking to the Condor in this kind of high-pitched voice that just grated on my nerves anyway, saying things like, “Come on, man, turn around.”

She was saying this because the bird was sitting on a branch 6 feet from the balcony we were on, facing to our left, with his head tucked behind his body, preening the outside of that wing, and taking his sweet time about it.

The woman kept whining at the bird, and snapping her fingers over and over and over and over until I wanted to take her camera and throw it off the balcony just to get her to shut up.

Messy, on the other hand just stood there, patiently holding her camera up, and occasionally taking a picture anyway.

Finally, after 15 or 20 minutes of the snap-whine fest, the Condor pulled his head around to the other side of his wing, and we all shot pictures really quick.  I said, “Nice, what a good picture.”

And this lady says, “I’ve been waiting for so long to get that picture!”

And the Condor takes a rather forceful dook, shooting a stream of bird dung feet behind it as soon as she had finished talking.

And Messy, without missing a beat, says to this lady, “Did you get a picture of that?”

I had to bite my tongue to keep from laughing out loud.


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